Tutti Matti per l'Italiano!


‘Tis the season to be merry and celebrate with friends the Christmas holidays and that’s just what we are doing! The “Tutti Matta per l’Italiano” holiday podcast is a collection of recordings made by 7 Italian friends from different parts of Italy in which they recall some of their favorite holiday memories. You will hear messages from Angelo in Tuscany, Lucrezia from Trieste, Claudio from Napoli, Monica from Venezia, Daniele from Rome, Laura from Napoli and last but not least, Pixie Dust from Roma. Along with my friends I wish you much joy, peace and happiness. Buon Natale! Buona Befana! May all your Christmases be white and full of Italian! 

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In today’s podcast I will be talking about La Fortezza delle Verrucole - a castle that was built in the middle ages, in the high Garfagnana Valley, near to Lucca in Tuscany. This territory was divided and contested by two feudal lordships, the counts of Bacciano and the more powerful Gherardinghi who owned il castello delle Verrucole. The castle is currently being rennovated by a group of dedicated historians. I will talk about our visit and give you a little background about the fortress. Later in the podcast you will get the chance to listen to a short recording I made of native Italian speaker, Giulia Paltrinieri, a docent at the castel, who explains in more detail medieval customs and aspects of the castle and some of the attributes its medieval artifacts. She speaks both in Italian and provides an English translation of what she says. Buon Ascolto! 

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Ciao a tutti gli ascoltatori! Now that I have ventured into the realm of podcasting, I had this really cool idea: Wouldn’t it be great to have my own “Matta” theme song or "una colonna sonora" for the “Tutti Matti per l’Italiano” podcast! In this podcast I speak in Italian and describe the process of how I found a musician and created a song that would musically refect the objectives and the upbeat nature of the Studentessa Matta blog. I aslo premier my new theme song "Vivi, Sorridi, Divertiti!"

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In this podcast I present my small friend Davide. Davide has just turned eleven & this fall will begin middle school in Bardolino, on the banks of Lago di Garda. He is just a little guy, but has a lot of creativity and a big imagination! Recently I enjoyed a day trip with Davide and his parents to Gardone, to visit Villa Vittoriale, the home of the famous Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. In this episode I will be talking about the outing and I will tell you a little bit about Gabriele D’Annunzio and explain why he and his villa are so important. You will also have the chance to hear for yourselves how creative my little friend Davide is, because when he returned home from our outing he was inspired to build something really impressive with his Legos. In a message he recorded he will explain to us more about his creation.

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I have just returned from a fantastic trip in Italy and just can’t seem to stop talking or writing about it. In this episode of Tutti Matti per l’Italiano I will be giving a brief overview of where I went in Italy and then I will be introducing you to three great friends that I had the good fortune of meeting during my long weekend in Rome. They are Keith Preble of Parola del Giorno and author of a new book “Il vero Italiano; your guide to speaking real Italian, Lucrezia Oddone of “Learn Italian with Lucrezia You Tube videos, and Claire who writes the blog: Runaway Day Dreamer. In this podcast I’m going to be speaking entirely in Italiano! So buckle your seat belts and get ready for a full immersion podcast!

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Friend, kindred spirit and fellow Italian language lover, Dianne Hales...has done it again! She has written a wonderful new book called “Mona Lisa: A Life Discovered”. In this podcast I review Dianne’s new book and Dianne Hales herself makes a guest appearance and gives us more insight into her new project. Listen to the podcast and then read the book to learn more about “la vera donna” Lisa Gherardini, the real Florentine woman, who posed for one of the most charismatic and innovative minds of the Renaissance - Leonardo da Vinci.

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In today’s podcast we are talking about "la leggenda del ponte del diavolo" (the legend of The Devil’s Bridge)…or how to trick the devil and make him madder than Hell! My special guest in this episode is Daniela Bonaccorsi, one of the head teachers at Lucca Italian School. Recently I recorded Daniela as she told the story about the famous “Devil’s bridge” that crosses the River Serchio just north of the city of Lucca. This is a wonderful opportunity to listen to Daniela’s Tuscan accent and hear her version of this famous story.

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In this podcast I will be talking about AFS Cultural Exchange Program. Here in America we are at the end of the American school term and summer vacation has begun. Normally this is a thing to celebrate...but for some it is a sad moment too as this year’s 2014/2015 AFS class returns to their home countries. In the podcast you will hear from two Italian girls who participated on the AFS program in the U.S Both girls will make a presentation and you will have the opportunity to hear their different voices and accents - one from the south of Italy and one from the north. You will also learn more about the AFS program and how you too can host an exchange student!

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This Podcast features the leggenda di Lucida Mansi / The legend of Lucida Mansi. As the story goes...one day Lucida, a nobel woman who lived in Lucca Italy in the 1600’s, woke up to find a small wrinkle on her face and became quite desperate at the thought of aging and losing her beauty. At that moment the devil appeared who promised her that she could remain youthful and beautiful for 30 years in exchange for her soul. Listen to hear the rest of the story....and more about the wonderful walls of Lucca. Featured guest Italian speaker, Susanna of Lucca Italian School

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This is the first episode of the podcast "Tutti matti per l'Italiano!". The podcast is hosted by Melissa Muldoon - la studentessa matta - in English & Italian as she presents clips of native Italian speakers. In this first episode called "Postcards from Lucca" you will enjoy "uno shakerato" while listening to Silvia make an introduction and later you will take a short walking tour of Lucca with Antonella. Finally you will meet Maura in Lucca's anfiteatro as he sings a song.

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In this podcast Cher & Melissa talk about traveling in Italy. They provide tips for packing & things to bring, useful expressions, how to make a good impression and things you absolutely must eat when you are in Italy. We will also discuss how to maximize practicing your Italian language skills when you are traveling up and down the boot.

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How Melissa Muldoon went matta for Italian & what she built from her craziness

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We are discussing Natale and Christmas in Italy and holiday traditions. We talk about the Italian Christmas markets and how Christmas is celebrated in Garda. Featuring 2 Italian guest speakers.

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In this podcast we are exploring the subjects of love, romanticism and lovers and how the Italians celebrate the holiday. Naturally we will talk about Italian vocabulary that has to do with Valentine’s day. We will share some some romantic films that we like and some songs. Featuring 2 Italian guest speakers.

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We will be discuss the origins of Carnevale and how Italians prepare for and celebrate this famous holiday. We will also be taking about the Venetian mask and the tradition of disguising oneself, as well and the floats and fun events that are happening in Venice during this time. We will also share some recipe for a traditional Carnevale sweet – le chiacchere.

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Learn about the festivals that happen during the month of May in Italy, from La Gara delle Rane (the race of the frogs) to Calendimaggio.

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From exploding carts, blessing eggs, renting cars in Sinalunga, Renzi as the Fonz, men in tights, to Easter bells and Botticelli…we are covering a lot of ground in this new podcast! If you haven’t already guessed we are talking about Easter and spring in Tuscany. Featuring 2 Italian guest speakers.

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