Tutti Matti per l'Italiano!

In this podcast Cher & Melissa talk about traveling in Italy. They provide tips for packing & things to bring, useful expressions, how to make a good impression and things you absolutely must eat when you are in Italy. We will also discuss how to maximize practicing your Italian language skills when you are traveling up and down the boot.

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How Melissa Muldoon went matta for Italian & what she built from her craziness

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We are discussing Natale and Christmas in Italy and holiday traditions. We talk about the Italian Christmas markets and how Christmas is celebrated in Garda. Featuring 2 Italian guest speakers.

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In this podcast we are exploring the subjects of love, romanticism and lovers and how the Italians celebrate the holiday. Naturally we will talk about Italian vocabulary that has to do with Valentine’s day. We will share some some romantic films that we like and some songs. Featuring 2 Italian guest speakers.

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We will be discuss the origins of Carnevale and how Italians prepare for and celebrate this famous holiday. We will also be taking about the Venetian mask and the tradition of disguising oneself, as well and the floats and fun events that are happening in Venice during this time. We will also share some recipe for a traditional Carnevale sweet – le chiacchere.

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Learn about the festivals that happen during the month of May in Italy, from La Gara delle Rane (the race of the frogs) to Calendimaggio.

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