Tutti Matti per l'Italiano!

Today we are going to the Arezzo’s Saturday market. There you can buy lots of things. The best would be the fresh food that you can buy there. There are so many things…peppers, squash blossoms, mushrooms, fruit and various kinds of meat and cheeses…but especially the porchetta. Come with us!

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Today I am here to tell you about a fantastic new mobile app called “FlashAcademy”. It is the idea of the company behind FlashSticks – the company that created the app to learn a foreign language using the Post-it Notes. Now the app has a new interface and new images. Now it focuses on the progress of the student towards graduation from Flash Academy. Each lesson moves the student forward! The learning curve is fast paced with new interactive lessons.

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My first novel “Dreaming Sophia” is here! I am thrilled and happy to share Sophia’s journey with my readers. The book is now available in print and e-pub versions for Kindle and iBook. You can find the book on Amazon and through many other distributors as well. The e-pub version of the book has links to the “Dreaming Sophia” website and Pinterest site, so that you can experience the book visually – see the art and images and videos – referred to in the book, as well as listen to the music.

To win a copy of the book visit the Studentessa Matta website: http://www.studentessamatta.com/dreaming-sophia-book-give-away

The book is available on Amazon and on itunes.



visit the Dreaming Sophia website: www.DreamingSophiaBook.com

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