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Sofonisba’s life is as fascinating as her character and clearly Muldoon has done her homework in terms of research. A genuine 16th century ambiance permeates the pages as Muldoon takes us on a virtual tour through the settings of King Phillip’s court in Spain, Sofonisba’s hometown of Cremona, Italy, and the island of Sicily. Also, as is representative of Muldoon’s pervious works, she infuses her own passion for art, history and Italy into this story and it’s evident though the outstanding delivery of such an intricate and engrossing tale.

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I have always loved a good legend, filled with mystery and intrigue, and last year when I visited Chiusi, my friends were happy to tell me the story of Porsena the Etruscan King, who was as rich as he was benevolent. But whatever happened to his tomb?

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Thanks to everyone who reads the Matta Blog and who follow the Youtube Channel. I am eternally grateful that through the internet I have the chance to meet so many people who continue to enrich my life. All of you… and the love I feel for Italy — for her art, language and her people — are the reasons I do what I do!

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