Tutti Matti per l'Italiano!

Ox-heads and betrayed husbands… what have they got to do with Florence's Duomo?? Did you know that on the Santa Maria dei Fiori Cathedral in Florence there is the head of an ox that looks down on from on high? What is the meaning of this? In a new post and Youtube Video, Melissa—the Studentessa Matta explores two intriguing explanations—one that has to do with paying tribute and the other with adultery! To read a transcript of the text in Italian and English visit www.StudentessaMatta.com

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In a new Studentessa Matta Video, in Italian, I talk about my hometown of Austin, Texas. This is where you can find me when I'm not in Italy! Learn about this funky Texas city, which is also the state capital. Visit the Studentessa Matta website to view transcripts of this video in English and Italian.

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It's been a while—13 months in fact—since I last made a video in Italian! Time flies when you are busy publishing a novel, producing Audiobooks, and waiting out the pandemic. But, now after a year, as things begin to sort themselves out and travel seems possible again I thought I'd brush off my video camera and share with you some highlights of this year's upcoming Italian language immersion program in Arezzo scheduled for September 2021. I plan to move forward, and as long as we all are healthy and we have the green light for travel I will meet you in the piazzas of Lucca and Arezzo this coming September!

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