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Caravaggio in his day was a controversial figure - both for his style but also for his personal life. Today, however, he is considered an artist who elevated the art of painting and who influenced a generation of painters. I would like to tell you about one of these painters, who is not a man, but a woman. They say that there were many "Caravaggisti" but only one "Caravaggista." Her name is - Artemisia Gentileschi.

I have always been struck by the story of Artemisia and her work. Truly she is a fascinating artist and her story is intriguing about her. Because of my interest in Artemisia I’ve written a historical novel of her life called "Eternally Artemisia." If you would like to know more about Artemisia I invite you to read the novel. It is available on Amazon in Print, Ebook and Audiobook.


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I'm Melissa the crazy student. Welcome! I am glad you are here with me. Through the Studentessa Matta Podcast channel, we practice Italian together. You can follow the dialogue both in Italian and English on the StudentessaMatta.com website.


Discussing the changing role of women after receiving the right to vote in 1945 and how this emancipation changed the lives of Italian women and their families.


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