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During the month of November 2021, every week I posted a word or an expression combined with an image on the Studentessa Matta Facebook page. In this video, with my special guest Hazel the Bull Dog I present the words of November. These are random words that I came across while reading or that I heard in movies that I found useful and worth highlighting. Improve your Italian Vocabulary with these interesting words and phrases. Visit www.StudentessaMatta.com for transcripts in Italian and English.

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Caravaggio in his day was a controversial figure - both for his style but also for his personal life. Today, however, he is considered an artist who elevated the art of painting and who influenced a generation of painters. I would like to tell you about one of these painters, who is not a man, but a woman. They say that there were many "Caravaggisti" but only one "Caravaggista." Her name is - Artemisia Gentileschi.

I have always been struck by the story of Artemisia and her work. Truly she is a fascinating artist and her story is intriguing about her. Because of my interest in Artemisia I’ve written a historical novel of her life called "Eternally Artemisia." If you would like to know more about Artemisia I invite you to read the novel. It is available on Amazon in Print, Ebook and Audiobook.


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Italian cities throughout Italy celebrate civil and religious festivals, historical re-enactments, local festivals, and events particularly linked to a city or country. But the one event that stands out above them all, at least for me, is the Giostra del Saracino that occurs in Arezzo twice a year in June and September. Living in Arezzo during the joust is the most immersive experience I have ever encountered in Italy! Follow along and learn more about la Giostra del Saraceno.

Transcripts for this Podcast, both in Italian and English, can be found at: https://www.studentessamatta.com

Join the Sept 2021 Italian Language Program in Arezzo. Details about the program are on the www.StudentessaMatta.com

Learn more at: https://www.studentessamatta.com/2021-matta-cultura-italiana-arezzo-language-program


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Sofonisba’s life is as fascinating as her character and clearly Muldoon has done her homework in terms of research. A genuine 16th century ambiance permeates the pages as Muldoon takes us on a virtual tour through the settings of King Phillip’s court in Spain, Sofonisba’s hometown of Cremona, Italy, and the island of Sicily. Also, as is representative of Muldoon’s pervious works, she infuses her own passion for art, history and Italy into this story and it’s evident though the outstanding delivery of such an intricate and engrossing tale.

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Interview with Melissa Muldoon - Author of Waking Isabella with Inside Scoop 

Topics of conversation:

  • Isabella de Medici
  • Research for the book in Arezzo, Italy 
  • Giostra del Saracino - Annual Jousting Festival held in Arezzo
  • Suppression of Artists and Hitler's Obsession during WWII
  • Melissa's Writing Process
  • Her Award Winning Italian Language Blog and Immersion Trips to Italy
  • Most Rewarding Experience as an Author
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Colorful Italian idioms that have to do with animals. Italian expressions to help make your conversation more lively and make you sound more like an Italian native. For the written transcript visit the StudentessaMatta.com blog. http://www.studentessamatta.com/moglie-buoi-dei-paesi-tuoi-italian-idioms-modi-di-dire/

Want to immerse in Italian language and culture, join me in September in Arezzo for a small group language program. Details on the Studentessa Matta blog: http://www.studentessamatta.com/italian-immersion-tuscany-italy-arezzo/

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Piacere means is used to express that something is in Italian in the Italian language or rather something is pleasing to someone. In this podcast you will learn how to conjugate in present and past tense and use the word properly in sentence. Text, Examples and Exercises are on www.StudentessaMatta.com Blog site (http://www.studentessamatta.com/piace...) If you have questions about the verb piacere leave your comments on the Studentessa Matta site

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Recently I published a novel about Italy called “Dreaming Sophia.” In this podcast I share with the Tutti Matti Italian listeners an interview I conducted with Sheri Hoyt for “Inside Book Scoop Live”. In this book chat you will find out more about the book, my background, and the reasons for writing the novel. Buon ascolto!

For more information about the book visit:


Available for iBook 

Available on Amazon: Print & Kindle

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In this podcast I will be speaking with my friend Daniela Mancini!  Daniela is an Italian teacher at Scud’It in Rome. I had the immense pleasure of studying with Daniela last July during my language and painting program. Daniela is a lively and entertaining teacher. She has also written a book about the Subjunctive tense: Congiuntivo. Here she is to talk more about herself, her home town of Frascati, her hopes and dreams and what it is like to teach at Scud’It in Rome. See program notes in Italian and English on the Studentessa Matta Blog. www.studentessamatta.com

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In this podcast Cher & Melissa talk about traveling in Italy. They provide tips for packing & things to bring, useful expressions, how to make a good impression and things you absolutely must eat when you are in Italy. We will also discuss how to maximize practicing your Italian language skills when you are traveling up and down the boot.

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How Melissa Muldoon went matta for Italian & what she built from her craziness

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We are discussing Natale and Christmas in Italy and holiday traditions. We talk about the Italian Christmas markets and how Christmas is celebrated in Garda. Featuring 2 Italian guest speakers.

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